compassionate transformational coaching

  • Marcella is a skilled, supportive, and insightful coach. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with her, and I'd recommend her highly to anyone who sorta 'knows what to do' to get healthier, but somehow is just really stuck anyway. Marcella's approach invites trust and immediately expanded my sense of what's possible. She helped me connect to the bigger WHY of wellness that was inspiring to me, and offered a safe place to shape goals that were both meaningful and do-able. Her blend of compassion and accountability were the perfect mix for me. Time is a funny thing. On the one hand, 12 weeks isn't that much time. On the other hand, after feeling pretty stuck for a couple of years, in the past 3 months of working with Marcella I've been able to make some substantive changes, and I can see some meaningful shifts in how I pattern my life. I have been able to bring a joyful focus to my health and wellness in a way that feels foundational to how I want to show up in my work and in my life, and I'm really grateful for Marcella's part in that. ~ SL, Consultant & Coach, Seattle WA

  • Working with Marcella has been so freeing. Her health coaching series is well planned and helped me to become aware of deeper negative feelings, release them, and move into a more positive outlook. Marcella is so warm, accepting and supportive; I felt very comfortable working with her. It is rare to find someone who has the training, experience, and natural gifts of healing all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her insights have opened doors for me, and I'm deeply grateful for her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to live a fuller, more satisfying life. ~ KW, Spiritual Director, Seattle WA

  • I recently had the great pleasure of experiencing Marcella's 12 week Compassionate Coaching program. Wow, compassionate is definitely the word to describe her work. I have a tendency to be hard on myself (don't we all?). This feels especially true when I feel like I am NOT meeting the goals I have set for myself. Marcella holds a gentle, spacious, compassionate presence for exploration. She listens. One of the biggest things I discovered from our time together was that when I can set goals for myself that feel lower in pressure, I can accomplish more. Things get done in a way that feels spacious but still holds me accountable. It was so helpful to have her support to help me navigate some challenging issues. I'm forever grateful. ~ SS, Shamanic Intuitive Healer/Massage Therapist, Seattle WA

  • I read recently that taking time to "notice the sources of tuition that help you in your decision making" is vital for journeying through or keeping inventory of my "different selves".  Spirit, body and mind. Flourish became that for me. A source for me. A listening to me. A noticing of how I hold my vision of myself. Marcella was available for my heart (Bless her). I set goals and developed tools to learn to live this new way of life for me. Flourish nourished areas of my life that weren't on my vision list, acknowledged my "this is where I'm at!" and left me responsible for my intentions and provided me space to slow down, speed up, stand still, make mistakes and forgive myself. Highly recommended.
    So weekly, I ask,
    Which do you value?
    What do I want to keep?
    What would I like to move beyond?
    Wanna be Free?!
    Flourish is a supportive current that gives energy through my cooperation with the Nature of life. That's been my grateful, prosperous and courageous experience. Thank you! ~ JC, Business Owner, Chimucum WA


  • Walking out of Marcella's office I realized how much I don't thank my feet for their good and steady work. She gave them such attention and care. I am very thankful. Highest recommendation to a very skillful and present practitioner. ~ TT, Business Owner, Seattle WA 

  • It's been an amazing experience to receive reflexology from Marcella. She is skilled, professional, and has a friendly demeanor. As she is touching my feet or ears I've felt tension melt away. I have an anxiety disorder and receiving reflexology has been therapeutic. Marcella has a calming presence and really cares about her clients. She makes an individual feel special and really listens to that person's concerns. I highly recommend her services. I look forward to seeing Marcella again. ~ CL, Therapist, Seattle WA

  • Marcella is very easy to talk to and she cares about people. She enthusiastically answers my questions and I experience pain relief in response to my sessions. I could feel stiffness breaking up which has made it easier to walk and feel steady. Overall I felt energized and she's given me exercises to incorporate into my daily routine. ~ MT, Travel Agent, Seattle WA

  • My experience receiving reflexology from Marcella has been very relaxing and relieving every time. In my last session I had a headache that responded well to ear reflexology and I always go home feeling lighter. Every time I visit Marcella she welcomes me with a bright, loving, happy smile and right in that moment her "therapy" starts. ~ AL, Translator, Seattle WA