Learn about Marcella Simon, MA

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I believe in our potential to be great; to heal, to forgive, to contribute, and to love unreservedly. I’m an optimist to the core. I’m a champion of the underdog in all of us and I believe in the good in people.

I’m also weighed down by how many of our needs aren’t being met; by how many people are traumatized, directly and indirectly, by the injustice and stress that surrounds us daily. We are hurt and there are a lot of people unconsciously hurting other people. I hope in change and I want to help.

I offer compassionate, thoughtful care to those struggling with both the reality and aftermath of trauma, abuse, loss, grief, illness, injury, and chronic pain.

In my life, and with my clients, I'm committed to compassionate listening, clear communication and harvesting our collective, inspired wisdom. I support deep self-acceptance and self-responsibility as a way to thrive, and I know that’s not easy.

A contemplative, spiritual practice and 20 years of daily meditation led me to understand the effectiveness of using energy and consciousness for healing. I'm passionate about self-care and supporting my clients in developing self-efficacy. Yoga and bodywork have helped me to connect to the innate wisdom we each embody. Being ready for change can be overwhelming and sometimes it takes a village of support to overcome our own obstacles.

I’m thankful for the many teachers, coaches, and healers who have partnered with me in navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of my own life and allowed me the space to emerge with a clear mind and a peaceful heart.

It's an honor for me to partner with you in creating a nourishing environment that contributes to your wellness. If you feel called to work together, I would love to hear your story and witness your transformation. 

I can be reached at marcella@flourishwholehealth.com or 206.973.0703.