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marcella melinda simon

I’m a whole health coach and fierce advocate for people overwhelmed by stress resulting from experiences of loss, grief, trauma, illness, injury, and other significant life changes. At some point, we’re all faced with life altering adversity be it a death, a diagnosis, an accident, a difficult restored memory, hopelessness, or a lost sense of self. As your coach, I’ll compassionately partner with you in doing the deeper work of acceptance and I’ll be a champion for you as you revision and rebuild from where you now stand. Today is a good day to begin again.

whole health Coaching

We’re all inundated with stress and at times can be completely derailed by what life puts on our path. All of this wreaks havoc on our health and well-being. Some of us withdraw or feel a sense of isolation when it comes to adjusting to our new normal and finding ways to keep going. Coaching is forward focused, but first, I’ll invite you to take a moment, increase awareness, reconnect with your values, design actionable steps, and then begin again. I’ll offer support and accountability while helping you reach your goals with self-compassion and kindness.