spiritual support

Make each day your masterpiece. ~ John Wooden

Make each day your masterpiece. ~ John Wooden

I offer spiritual support by guiding you in a contemplative practice and holding space as you awaken to the spiritual in every day life.

meaning & purpose

This one-to-one helping relationship is  intended to support you in finding deeper connection with the divine, growing in your own spiritual life, and discovering greater meaning and purpose.

People seek spiritual support for many reasons, for some they need self-compassion during a major life transition or room to grieve in a time of loss, for others it's for the purpose of finding greater clarity about their spiritual path and developing their highest potential.

greater peace & connection

I'll work with you in discerning any areas in your life in which you seek greater peace and connection. In contemplative conversation I'll listen deeply to your story and be with you as your inner process unfolds. Nurturing your spiritual life is about building a relationship with your innermost spirit and developing more authentic ways of being.  I can support you in responding to these trusted sources and having the courage to live an inspired life. While my background is in a mystical tradition rich with practices of prayer and meditation, all spiritual paths and practices will be honored.

To schedule a session please book online or call with questions at 206.973.0703.