restorative coaching

Never lose hope, my dear Heart. Miracles dwell in the invisible. ~ Rumi

Never lose hope, my dear Heart. Miracles dwell in the invisible. ~ Rumi

Times of struggle, adversity, illness, trauma, and confusion are real. At times like this, it can be overwhelming, lonely, and difficult to maintain perspective.

It's easy to lose hope when you're injured, triggered, overworked, grieving, dealing with both acute and chronic health issues, or whatever else it is that tempts you to disconnect from yourself and others. 

You may feel easily frustrated and self critical. You might be pushing yourself to get over it sooner or to get better faster, yet research shows we're designed to respond to a gentler approach. 

self criticism verses self kindness

Research shows self criticism undermines our motivation. When we criticize ourselves we tap into our threat defense system, our reptilian brain. The threat these days is to our self concept. We attack ourselves, which releases cortisol causing higher levels of stress, the body shuts down to cope, and we become depressed.

Our bodies are programmed to respond to warmth, gentle touch, and soft voices. When we give ourselves compassion we reduce cortisol levels and release oxytocin and opiates, the feel good hormones, and when we feel safe we’re in the optimal mindset to do our best.

Coaching isn't only about making huge strides forward or even about getting unstuck. At times coaching is really about coming back to yourself and developing a gentle acceptance and peace in relationship with yourself and the hardships you face.

restorative practices

Restorative means having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being. Restorative coaching emphasizes a deeply compassionate, patient, and caring model of support. I'll introduce you to daily restorative practices to help you reconnect with what is most important to you. 

In addition to having a witness and advocate for this time of recovery and balance, restorative practices may include compassionate listening, nonviolent communication, mindfulness exercises, pranayama, gentle yoga, and help in expanding your team of support. 

If you're in pain or in crisis, or simply overwhelmed, you know this process can't be rushed. Ideally, coaching is offered over the course of 12 weeks allowing enough time to explore what you want, experiment with new behaviors and establish new ways of being. Fewer sessions or individual coaching sessions are also available as needed. Sessions are 60-minutes long allowing time for a shared restorative practice. Coaching is offered remotely online or by phone and appointments are available most days. 

first step: request a discovery session to learn more

I welcome you to meet with me by phone for a free 30 minute discovery session. We can explore the areas of your life in which you need a fresh perspective and I can answer any questions you have about being coached. Please complete the discovery session request and I'll respond by phone or email within 24 hours.