deeply engage in the art of asking questions

An empowered heart is one filled with self love. ~ Amy Leigh Mercree

An empowered heart is one filled with self love. ~ Amy Leigh Mercree

The value of meditation continues to be recognized not only by those who practice it but by researchers as well. There have been thousands of scientific studies on the benefits of meditation. Research suggests that meditation positively effects our emotional, mental and physical health.

benefits of meditation

Just a few of the many benefits of meditation include: 

  • Less anxiety and depression

  • Reduced stress and fear

  • Deeper relaxation and better sleep

  • Improved resilience in response to pain

  • Lower blood pressure and decreased inflammation

  • Increased self-acceptance and awareness

  • More mental focus and creative thinking

  • Better decision making and problem solving

  • Strengthened immune function

  • More energy


Self-inquiry is a practice of meditation in which we deeply engage in the art of asking questions. Our inherent curiosity and intelligence can guide us in recognizing our true self from our external concerns. Self-inquiry is a meditation practice that's been taught in many traditions and emphasizes self-knowledge. Some of the groundwork for Self-inquiry includes practicing concentration, mindfulness, visualization and developing an unbiased perspective. By asking meaningful questions in meditation we understand ourselves better as we realize we are not our thoughts, feelings, emotions, or our body. We are more than our stories. 

our deeper potential

Self-inquiry is a life-long practice that will naturally ebb and flow but once you've taken this deep dive into meditation you'll always have it as a resource you can return to. A regular practice of meditation allows us to understand and forgive ourselves and others, and to envision our deeper potential.